Weaving, knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing and packaging - all done, from the first until the last step, here in Austria. We as a label have retained the skill and capability to hand-cut and sew our T-shirts in-house. Made in Austria - taken seriously. We strongly believe in the integrity and dedication of the Austrian craftsmen, as they embody a legacy of fine workmanship, which has always been a fundamental part of the Austrian heritage. Our meticulous manufacturing process, the sophisticated details and an elaborately engineered fabric clearly sets our garment apart. We focus on streamlining the fit by eliminating the unnecessary and perfecting the essentials. Investing in a STANDARDCOTTON® garment will ensure an item that is made to last.

Christian Müller, Founder

Christian Müller, Founder

The white T-shirt

One piece of clothing worn by people of every age, gender, and shape, the white T captures the zeitgeist of our times. The significance of the white T goes beyond fashion, to encompass the political, sexual and social trends of past decades. These shirts make a statement, and everyone, from presidents to rock stars, bikers to bankers, babies to baby boomers, has at least one white T. Celebrating this universally worn piece of clothing, the white T is a chronicle of cultural history and like its quirky and expressive subject, in itself a work of art.
— “The White T” by Alice Harris

No other garment has withstood the test of time like the white T-shirt, as it travelled throughout history nearly untouched and is poised for a grand future. You cannot get any simpler than a plain white T-shirt. It is a design classic and an elementary piece of clothing in everyone´s wardrobe. We are allured by its stripped-down purity and truly minimalistic forms, it has no affectations. Without any buttons, colors or decorative elements, it won't subject itself to modern fashion or old traditions.

The STANDARDCOTTON® white T-shirt, the essence of simplicity.