- The Yarn -

The combing process improves the spinning properties and yarn quality. Extracting short fibers, enhancing the degree of purity and arranging the fibers in parallel lengthwise are essential steps in the manufacture of fine, high-class yarn.

Compacting is a process of achieving perfect yarn structure by aligning the cotton fibers in parallel and completely integrate them into the yarn bundle. The result is a yarn, which shows reduced hairiness, higher strength, low lint fly and better elongation properties. 

Ring spun
Industrialized mass-produced yarns are usually produced by a process called rotor-spinning. We use the classic method of ring spinning because the strength of ring-spun yarn is 20-30% higher than that of rotor-spun yarn.

100% Supima® - Extra-Long staple cotton (ELS)
There is short, medium, long and extra-long staple cotton. The staple length is an important quality characteristic of cotton. It is a measurement of the length of the individual cotton fibers. Supima® cotton fibers range between 35 to 39mm. Supima® is extra-long staple cotton grown exclusively in the American west and southwest. Supima® surpasses other types of cotton in softness, strength, and brilliance of color.

- The Fabric -

Fine Interlock Jersey - Black Label
Made on a circular knitting machine, our Fine Interlock Jersey fabric is considerably more durable, long lasting and dimensionally stable than commonly used “Single Jersey”. Fine Interlock Jersey is softer, uses the double amount of fiber and has no volume loss, even after several wash-cycles. In addition, the interlock knitting process prevents a strain-induced distortion of the yarn inside the fabric.

Gauge E44
Usually, fabrics are knitted with 20 or 28 needles per inch on a knitting machine - called gauge E20 or E28. In contrast, our fabric is knitted with 44 needles per inch, hence gauge E44. This allows us to create a fabric surface which is denser, more even and incredibly smooth. Our E44 fabric is made of nearly 2000 isolated stitches per in². As a result, we achieve a structure that is 5-times finer than that of common E20 fabric.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
Our fabric and yarn are certified by the independent Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 testing system. Textiles which meet this standard have to undergo various rigorous tests. These include tests for toxic materials such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Mercerizing is a process, which stabilizes the structure of cotton, thereby improving crucial properties such as dye-ability, strength and dimensional stability. The fabric will develop a slightly silky gloss which is wash resistant. In addition, this process enhances the cotton with antibacterial, hypoallergenic and especially hygroscopic properties. The latter will ensure a fast absorption of moisture, which will evaporate and provide a dry and comfortable feeling. Especially our extra-long staple fibre cotton responds excellently to the mercerisation process - The procedure is expensive and labour intensive, therefore, you will only find it in high-quality fabrics.

Superior stain resistance
The combination of our E44 fine knitted fabric, the mercerization process and using a yarn with outstanding properties, results in a T-shirt with superior stain resistance and therefore, easy to clean.

Fabric weight
205 g/m²  - 6.1 oz/yd²

- The TShirt -

Signature Cut - No. VAN602YA
We worked hard on the cut, so you will look even better in your new T-shirt. We make our T-shirts fitted to the body so that they are flattering and sleek without being tight. Simply a classic, tailored-like fit.

Three back-lengths 
Short - Regular - Long. Three choices for a perfect fit. Never too long, never too short. 

Double pre-shrunk
By washing our T-shirts twice before they go into the box, we drastically minimize size-shrinkage for our customers.

Double-needle stitched hem and four-thread over-lock seams
We go the extra mile and use four thread over-lock seams, which are extra durable and long lasting. Furthermore, we use the smallest gauge needles available on our sewing machines for extra fine and precise seams. Our rigorous final inspection ensures a garment of the highest standard.

Shoulder-to-shoulder tape
By using a shoulder-to-shoulder tape, we are reinforcing the neck/shoulder area. Therefore, our T-shirts maintain their shape and won´t wear out easily.

Woven Labels / Anti-counterfeiting strip
We use soft and non-scratching woven labels with an integrated anti-counterfeit strip. By not using any labels in the neck area, scratching and irritation of the skin will be avoided.

The collar fabric uses a novel mix of moisture absorbent MicroModal®, LYCRA® and Supima® cotton for excellent comfort.

"Our customers can have any color, as long as it's white."